In-house Program Registration

Our in-house program registration simplifies the process of creating and implementing of programs. Whether you need single-session classes or multi-week sessions, our registration system seamlessly integrates with our scheduling platform. And if you want to sell your programs online, we've got you covered!


  • Effortlessly duplicate classes from one session to another, saving you the time and effort of rewriting the entire program every time a class group concludes.
  • Sell your single-session classes online and conveniently check-in to programming using a QR Code on your receipt.
  • Ensure that only the most qualified individuals join the appropriate class or program by incorporating prerequisites.
  • By incorporating discounts and optional items, you can curate a truly personalized and exceptional experience for your valued customers.
  • Keep tabs on program attendees and ensure only authorized individuals are present with our user-friendly rosters and check-in screens.
  • Our integrated waiver system enables you to effortlessly attach waivers and even send them via text message, guaranteeing that you are fully protected in case of any unforeseen incidents.
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Team Registration

Are you looking to register people for your leagues? Our integrated team registration feature sets our platform apart as the top choice for seamlessly registering and collecting payments from teams before the league start date.


  • Empower team managers to effortlessly form teams and extend exclusive invitations to their close-knit circle, inviting them to be a part of the winning squad.
  • With our team registration module, you can seamlessly transfer all the teams to the league scheduling platform, taking the burden off your shoulders and simplifying the process.
  • Team managers have the power to effortlessly navigate their accounts and stay informed about team members who have yet to make their payments.
  • Team and player fees can be evenly divided among team members or adjusted based on their positions, providing a customizable team management experience for your managers. This flexibility allows for a fair distribution of costs and ensures that each player's contribution aligns with their role on the winning squad.
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Copy Events

Are you dreading the task of planning your upcoming season or session of classes? Simplify your life with FinnlySports' innovative 'Copy Feature'! Effortlessly clone your current class schedule, maintain the same group and session structure, and seamlessly transition into your next season. Streamline your planning process with FinnlySports – where convenience meets efficiency.

  • Duplicate an entire session or just a single class
  • Seamlessly syncs with the scheduling tool


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Easy Check-in for Programing or Classes

Experience the ease and efficiency of modern registration with our intuitive platform.  With our seamless check-in system, participants can quickly scan in using a QR code or be effortlessly checked in by an attendant using an iPad. Our platform is designed to enhance everyone's experience, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free process for both organizers and attendees. Embrace the future of registration with our innovative solution.


  • Accelerate the check-in process for classes, reducing the time it takes to get participants settled and ready to learn.
  • Effortlessly keep tabs on attendee arrivals
  • Send your customers a personalized QR code for easy check-in.
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