Dynamic Scheduling Grid

Experience the power of our interactive scheduling grid, providing a comprehensive view of all activities for the day, week, or any specific duration you choose. The vibrant colors of the grid perfectly depict the nature of each event, allowing you to identify and plan your bookings effortlessly.


  • Easily move and arrange your bookings between different facilities or days with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Our system automatically calculates your event rate, making your scheduling process even more seamless.
  • Maintenance schedules are conveniently allocated for cleaning and ice maintenance purposes.
  • Effortlessly book facilities from the grid by copying and pasting events. Say goodbye to the hassle of jumping between screens and optimize your facility with speed and ease.
FinnlySport Scheduling Grid

Mass Edit

FinnlySport's mass edit feature allows users to make multiple edits effortlessly from one convenient screen. This streamlines the process, allowing you to dedicate more time to your valued customers rather than spending it on tedious booking changes.


  • Easily update rates for a range of bookings.
  • Easily attach important notes to a cluster of bookings. Whether it's regarding setup instructions or cleaning preferences, effortlessly include these notes to all the chosen bookings.
  • Easily apply additional fees to numerous events with just a few simple clicks. This feature is perfect for including referee fees or adding extra charges for parties, making it effortless to manage and customize your bookings.
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Recurring Events

Are you tired of scheduling the same events at the same time every day or week? Experience the seamless convenience of booking recurring events with FinnlySport, regardless of the pattern you have.


  • Experience the convenience of booking daily, weekly, or monthly events seamlessly from one screen..
  • Discover any conflicts in the pattern of your bookings and easily manage them by sharing the facility, overwriting, or skipping those conflicting reservations.


Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 10.46.10 AM


FinnlySport's invoicing system simplifies professional invoice generation. Our user-friendly platform allows for easy customization of rates and services. Say goodbye to manual calculations and paperwork with automatic rate updates. Attach important booking notes and easily add extra fees. Trust FinnlySport's integrated invoicing to streamline billing and enhance the customer experience.


  • Generate invoices in batches for any period that suits your needs - for the day, week, or any other timeframe.
  • Quickly email invoices directly to clients with our integrated system. Say goodbye to printing and mailing invoices - simply click a button to deliver them electronically. This saves time and money and ensures timely delivery. 
  • Effortlessly modify any invoice to your liking. Incorporate extra charges or include previous bookings that haven't been invoiced yet.
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